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How has Biotrue made wearing contact lenses easier on your eyes?


    Beccy Heenan It is such a relief to wear contacts instead of glasses. I have a childcare business and (before) my glasses would slip off or babies would grab them and bend them out of shape. I always disliked when the screws would come loose and had to try to fix them. Biotrue makes it so smooth to wear contacts all day!


    Ashley Weidman Bonney I have bad allergies and thanks to Biotrue I am able to keep my contacts in all day at work when I work for 12 hours without taking them out to wear glasses. Thanks Biotrue!


    Arnie Staggz Biotrue has allowed me to comfortably wear my contact lenses all day long. I call it the fountain of youth for contact lenses!

In their own words

  • “I honestly love this product. I just started wearing contact lenses this year. As soon as I found Biotrue and read that it works naturally like my own tears, I fell in love. Sometimes I forget I have my contacts in cause they’re so comfortably in place, with NO DRYNESS and RESIDUE. I’m definitely a fan for life.”

    Cassandre F.

  • “My husband and I used to always quarrel because of the fact that I kept closing my eyes for prolonged periods as a result of dryness. A day after using Biotrue, all that was history. My eyes were never dry, red or irritated. It felt like I wasn’t even using contacts anymore. My husband was surprised at the change and asked me what happened. I replied "Biotrue". =) Thanks for this wonderful solution Bausch + Lomb.”

    Tehillah S.

  • “When I was pregnant with my last child, my eyes were much more sensitive and my contacts were harder and harder to wear. I bought Biotrue shortly after the birth of my daughter, and I was able to wear my contacts perfectly fine all day with no problems, no pain. It was amazing the difference and the best part was being able to stare into my precious daughter's eyes without blinking and rubbing my own eyes! Thanks Biotrue!”

    Jill N.

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